Intellectual Property

Copyright Licensing and Registration

Do you need protection for your original work of authorship? Wright Law Corporation can help you protect your interest in your creation by registering your work with the library of congress, among other things. Are you licensing your copyrighted work to another party? We can help you draft or review the terms.

State and Federal Trademark Registration and Policing

Protect your brand and register your trademark today! Wright Law Corporation can help you through the cumbersome process of registering your mark with the California Secretary of State or United States Patent and Trademark Organization. After the trademark is registered, we assist our clients in policing their mark to prevent infringing use.

Trade Secrets

Uncertain of how to protect your company’s secrets or internal business processes while maintaining an active and fluid business? Wright Law Corporation counsels our clients on the processes and agreements helping to ensure that what makes their company unique stays protected from misappropriation.

Intellectual Property Litigation

Wright Law Corporation defends client copyright, trademark, or patent rights against infringing use. If your intellectual property rights are being infringed, one of our attorneys will work with you to prepare a cease & desist letter on your behalf. If that does not get the bad actor’s attention, we will prepare and file a legal action with the appropriate judicial or administrative authority. Whether it is in the superior court, federal court, or Trademark Trial and Appeals Board, our attorneys will tenaciously pursue and/or defend interests.